about me

I have spent the past 30 years as a professional graphic designer and brand strategist. It didn't start that way for me, though. I had a background in art, but I didn't even know you could have a career in graphic design. I was doing the work...I just didn't know what it was called. I began designing t-shirts for friends. I hand-lettered banners. I designed a program for a civic organization...all by hand.

Upon graduation from college, I had very little knowledge of personal computing. So, I taught myself how to design in PageMaker on a MacPlus. My first professional job was working nights for a book publisher as a production artist. It wasn't long before I was promoted to designer.

Most of my career has been in publication design. I have been the founding art director for multiple magazines. I have designed home magazines, outdoor magazines, craft magazines, fashion, regional and business magazines. In addition to my duties as creative director for Pasadena Magazine, I began to design conference material for Five Star Conference, a national conference for the mortgage industry. As such, I designed guides, curriculum, environmental signage, brochures, emails, websites and much more. In addition, I directed live presentations that included industry professionals, past presidents, sports figures and award-winning performers.

In the past months, I discovered I needed to learn to develop websites, so I am. I am learning HTML and CSS, while learning to use web builders like Webflow. 

I am located in Fort Worth, Texas.

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